Do Not Judge My Story By The Chapter You Walked In. By - Unknown

Do Not Judge My Story By The Chapter You Walked In

By - Mark Twain

Synopses: In thiauthor is trying to say that don't treat me wrong by judging me from my current situation without knowing the complete truth about me.

If we are currently under lot of stress, it will definitely change our behavior. If someone got hurt with your behavior, they will judge you and blame you for being mean or not properly behaving. Let them it's not our fault, ignore them because they don't know whats the cause of your mean behavior or stress or what are your going through.

Simply put they should not judge your story by the chapter they walked in.

Sometimes we judge prisoners or patients in asylum, we think that he must have did some horrible crime or that patient is stupid born this way. But not all people in prisoners or asylum are bad or evil or monsters, yes they must have done horrible things in their lives, but we don't know what made them become those monster they are.

So never judge my story be the chapter you walk in.

I hope you understand this quote and are ready to apply in your life. 
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