Money can't buy happiness. By - Howard Hughes

Money can't buy happiness. By - Howard Hughes

Synopses: In this quote howard hughes says don't waste your time perusing money if you are seeking happiness.

Money can't buy happiness. By - Howard HughesWe often have misconception.that to be happy we should have more money. But howard hughes says that if you truly seek happiness the amount of money you posses doesn't matter.

Money can never buy love, peace, true friends, time, knowledge, talent, health, acceptance or happiness. 

Example: Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe or Chris Benoit are some of celebrities who committed suicide even tough they were rich. Lady Gaga, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Kristen Bell are yet example of celibrities who suffer from depression even if they are rich. Clearly you don't need money to be happy. Happiness is the state of mind

Money can't buy happiness.

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